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    calcium feed supplement
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    Calcium Gel
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    SRICAL - 100 % Pure & complete calcium tonic Srical gel is a calcium gel which consist of calcium 1625 mg, phosphorus 810 mg, Vit A 45000 I.U, vitamin D3 I.U, Satavary 400 mg, Leptadenia 1000 mg, Vitamin E 50 mg, Vitamin B12 150 mcg, Methionine 10 mg, L.Lysine 25 mg, carbohydrate 10000 mg with Vitamin H (Biotin) 10 mg. Srical is a calcium feed supplement which helps in milk production. This calcium composition is gel based which contains concerntration of calcium ingredients. Srical improves milk production & milk fat percentage and overall growth rate. It increases productive life of cows and buffaloes. It forms strong bones and prevents rickets. It ensures thick shelled eggs in poultry. DOSAGE - Cows, Buffalo, Horse : 100 ml twice a day Calves, Sheep, Goats, Pigs : 25-50 ml twice a day Dogs & Cats : 10-20 ml twice a day Poultry : ( Per 100 birds daily) : Chicks 10-20 ml Growers/broilers : 25-50 ml , Layers : 50-100 ml Contact: Dev (General Manager) Mobile No. : 9902046214 Mail ID : dev@nualter.in
    Ors Powder Sachet
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    Ors powder sachet is used for the treatment of Gastric problems, Acidity, Low calcium levels, Fluid and nutrient replacement, Blood and fluid loss, Kidney stones and other conditions. The complete list of uses and indications for Ors Powder Sachet is as follows: • Gastric problems • Acidity • Low calcium levels • Fluid and nutrient replacement • Blood and fluid loss • Kidney stones • Electrolyte imbalance • Gastric complications • Low sodium levels • Abdominal gas • Low calcium level • Low magnesium levels • Low potassium levels • Deficiency of potassium
    Noni Capsules
    INR  250
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    Noni capsules are dietary nutritional supplement. It an anti-oxidant herbal product which promotes purification of body. It protects liver and cures arthritis and gout. It is and immunity booster which also relaxes muscles. It aids in reducing risk of type 2 diabetes, stimulates release of digestive enzymes, prevents cerebral ischemic stress, improves cerebral blood flow and memory functions.
    Morninga Capsule
    INR  300
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    Moringa is a dietary nutritional supplement. It is herbal in nature. It promotes anti-aging, healthy skin, improves bone density, builds immunity and aids digestion. Morninga capsule contains 46 anti-oxidants & over 90 nutrients. It normalizes blood sugar, promotes natural serum cholesterol, improves digestion, detoxifies body and promotes normal functioning of the liver and kidney
    Wheat Grass Capsules
    INR  300
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    Wheat Grass tablet contains chlorophyll which increases Hb levels. This alkaline food supplement helps to balance body's pH level. Wheat grass helps in increasing energy levels, slows down the aging process, improves the digestion & bowel movement. This detoxifier also improves blood sugar disorders and blood circulation. It is an anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory product which fight infections. Onc capsule twice a day and half an hour before the meal
    Ceftriaxone injection
    INR  150
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    Ceftriaxone sodium injection eradicates infections with excellence. It has broad spectrum bactericidal activity. It is effective against both Gram +be and Gram -ve bacteria. It has high tissue concerntration. It is indicated in following diseases- 1 Severe infections 2 Acute/severe septicemia 3 Mastitis 4 Surgical infections Altarsri labs Pvt. Ltd. manufactures wide range of Pharmaceutical products i.e tablets, capsules, syrups, food supplements, feed supplements, bolus and powders at its ISO, GMP, GLP & CRISIL certified manufacturing plant.
    Veterinary Calcium Feed Supplement
    INR  1000
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    Srical is a new formulation for effective management of calcium. It is an animal feed supplement of calcium, Vitamins, Minerals, Leptadenia and Database with Amino acid. This calcium preparation is highly Lactogenic and Galactagogue. It stimulates, increases and maintains milk production. Following are the indications of Hypocalcemic disorders, Pregnancy and lactation, Pre & Post deworming period, for rapid growth & development and to improve health in week and debilitated animal. Following is the composition of this calcium feed supplement. Calcium Vitamin A ,D3 ,E & B12 Satavary Leptadenia Lysine Methionine
    Oxyclozanide+Levamisole Bolus
    INR  500
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    Oxyclozanide & Levamisole Bolus is used for eradication of Fluke & Worms for Cattle & sheep. Followings are the indications 1) Liver flukes 2) Lung worm 3) Tape worm 4) Round worm 5) Gestrointastinal nematods 6) Amphistomes This product is safe in pregnant animals and it acts as an immunostimulant. Nualter (an Altar healthcare initiative) manufactures oxyclozanide+Levamisole Bolus. Nualter is pharma third party manufacture and also provide pharma franchise. We Manufacture tablets, capsules, syrups, powder, Food supplements, Feed Supplements, powders and tonics etc.
    Electrolyte With Dextrose Multivitamin & Methylcobalamin
    INR  400
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    Aslodex is Electrolyte with Dextrose Multivitamin & Methylcobalamin. It is available in 100 gm, 200 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg and 5 kg. Following are Indications for consumption- 1) During summer to avoid dehydration & heat stroke in diarrhoea & dysentery 2) Immediately after race or exercise 3) General weakness & ruminal atony 4) Loss of milk quality and Quantity Following is the composition of this Veterinary powder Dextrose Methylcobalamin Vitamin A,E,C, B1 & B6 Sodium Chloride Potassium Chloride Sodium Citrate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Acid Phosphate Sodium Lactate Calcium Lactate Magnesium Sulphate Chlorine Chloride Energy Nualter- an Altar healthcare private limited initiative, Manufactures electrolyte+Dextrose+Methylcobalamin powder. Our manufacturing plant is located in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. We are pharma third party manufacturers and also provide pharma franchise
    INR  25000
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    Alprazolam + propranolol controls psychological factors i.e tension, panic and Insomnia. It reduces the response of the heart to stress, anxiety and controls sympathetic hyperdrive i.e papitation, sweating, chest pain & tremors. It is indicated in anxiety neurosis & tremors, panic disorder & restlessness, old age anxiety, stress headache, fear psychosis & pre-menstrual tension. Altar lifesciences manufacture broad range of Pharmaceutical products i.e tablet, capsule, syrup, powder & food supplements. As pharma Third party manufacturers, we ensure high quality and efficient after sales service. We have GMP, GLP, ISO & CRISIl certifications.